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Tessuti Venezia  tessuti means fabric,Venezia is one of the most beautiful city in the world hence our name,we established our store in 1962 and it is still operated by the same owners.Even though Venice does not produce fabrics it represents for us a uniqueness just like our fabrics.

We travel Europe but especially Como Italy to find exquisite Printed Silk,Printed Cotton,Printed Linen,Printed Wool,Duchesse Silk, Suitings and Coatings.

We go to Bergamo and Busto Arsizio to find the beautiful Cotton Damask for tabling and 100% Linen used for sheeting,tabling,facecloth,the Altar of your Church and Clothing.

We are a Fabric store so we carry most types of fabrics for Bridal,Suiting,Drapery,Sheeting and Tabling all by the Yard. In this Site we'll offer only some of our inventory,please feel free to phone or e-mail for your specific needs.

If you find yourselves in Toronto do visit our storefront location.




 Tessuti Venezia 1305 St. Clair Ave West  Tel: 416.654.8331  Email: tessutiv@rogers.com